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Bodhi – A term used in both Sanskrit and Pali, meaning perfect wisdom or enlightenment. – Source: Buddhist Door

noun, Buddhism.
supreme knowledge or enlightenment.
Origin of bodhi is from Pali, Sanskrit
bodhi. (n.d.). Dictionary.com Unabridged. Retrieved October 21, 2017 from Dictionary.com

There are many paths to the enlightened mind. Compassion, wisdom, humility, hope, and determination to name a few. I was nicknamed “Buddha K” during my time in a treatment program for alcohol addiction. This name was given to me by the fellowship I had come to find and from the counselors of the clinic, I came to cherish.

For a long time, I questioned religion. So much so that I pursued and completed a BA in Religious Studies at Arizona State University. Years after that and several careers changed coupled with divorces, my life spiraled into an endless abyss of the American rat race. Drinking and not taking care of my mind and body had become addicted to numbness as an escape. Admitting to myself that the man in the mirror was lost without a spark of motivation to get up in the morning, I picked up the phone and admitted to myself, I indeed was an alcoholic. But what I didn’t realize at the time, was the spiritual void I had within. I came to the realization that I had become spiritless in a neverending fog of rhythmic day-to-day behavior with no real path or purpose I knew I had in me. Recovery reconnected me with a lost person I once knew of myself, I was gifted with a rejuvenated passion for rekindling the human spirit to all who are open-minded in experiencing more from life. I was asked to document this journey. This is my attempt.

This is not just a recovery site. This is a resource site to inspire hope, peace, and love between all of us. Fear, anger, and pain surround us daily. Our individual interbeing can inspire hope. This a space to discuss, explore and encourage a stronger connection to one another and to each other’s higher power (to whom or what you believe in.) This site is dedicated to the agnostic, the faithful, and the nonbelievers alike. It is a place to share your story, our story in a hope that we inspire and learn from one another.

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