Being Authentic in Recovery

We have so many “embarrassment” or “guilt” or being “ashamed” for qualifying as an addict.

We have done things we can’t justify. We have been places we weren’t ourselves. Guilt and being ashamed is hard to admit when we are an addict.

You are not alone.


Jacki Hollios

“If you were one of these people, what would you go back to?”

The connection is important in recovery. Many treatment centers deal with substance abuse but lack community and fellowship. This talk in this video is about that community. But that community is built on trust.

The fellowship comes through our admission, our process through treatment. After treatment, it becomes a huge part of our lives to support one another as we gained this story of their lives and their addictions.

But that bond is about being honest and real. Think about it, that fellowship who get’s your story often times in groups in discussions get it much more than the therapists and the counselors in treatment right?

In the coming weeks, we will share this authenticity through videos and stories. We ask you to share your stories as well. This is and will be a vlog about being authentic during recovery.

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