Today is the start of a new chapter in life. I am back to focus my day to day work on advocacy, spirit, faith, community, and recovery. This week has been time spent with family and reconnecting as one of our family has passed. This morning I woke to a close cousin of mine who had a vision of me and shared this. Thank you Josh Arnold. It meant the world to know that this is the right path and my family sees it as well.

From Josh Arnold | 17 minutes ago

I see tire tracks. At first, it looks like a path worth following but then the tracks become more and more sporadic. There’s less of a pattern and it becomes clear that what was once thought as intentional is turning out to be meaningless.

You’ve been walking down the road for quite some time before you realize this. “The lines are too blurred”, you say to yourself as you bend down to touch the tracks. “It’s not fresh anymore”, you say as you let the dirt fall through your hands and stand back up. You stare out at the horizon and let out a sigh and then say “I don’t know where they went from here”.

You begin to walk back to where you started but you notice that the scenery has changed. You’re looking for something – a vehicle. “I parked just over this ridge”, you say to calm yourself. As you make it over the hill, you see your jeep but it’s not the one that you came in. It’s your old one. The one that you’ve been trying to replace for years. You heart wells up with joy but you stop yourself and begin to think that it’s a mirage. “I’ve been out here for hours. I’m probably dehydrated”. Talking out loud seems to help you try to rationalize your thoughts. Then you notice that the scenery near the jeep isn’t the same as where you parked. There are flowers of old and smells from familiar kitchens floating in the air.

As you approach the jeep, you realize it’s occupied. A familiar man steps out of the driver’s seat and smiles at you. He stands in a position that’s welcoming but lets you know that he’s waiting to talk to you. “Where do I know that face?”, you ask yourself as you get closer. It’s familiar enough that you don’t feel the need to address him from afar. You get close enough to shake his hand and you stop.

“Stop chasing someone else’s tracks, Kevin. Go make the tracks you know you were born to make.”, he says as he places the keys in your hand. “Oh, this old thing?” He asks you. You’re stunned because he answered the question before you could ask it. “It’s a gift, Kev. I’ve got plenty more where that came from”.

The tire tracks indicate paths of life, decisions, people, and spirituality. You’ve followed the path of others plenty of times but it always seems to fall short because you lose the trail. The lines are blurred and what once felt right doesn’t seem to fit anymore. It doesn’t satisfy like it used to and the end result isn’t the replacement of thing you feel like you lost (or did you have it to begin with?).

The scenery changing on the way back tells me that something inside of you has changed. Something has been awakened and you’re traveling to things you once visited but seeing them with different eyes.

I see old memories taking on new forms. I see repeating opportunities being opened for you in places where you least expect them.

The familiar face is a voice that knows your name. He’ll reveal Himself in due time.”

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