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Life House Foundation of Arizona is a non-profit organization dedicated to the process of empowering women who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We will accomplish this by providing habilitative services and access to community resources that will propel women toward their personal goals as well as self-development and independence. We want to break the cycle of addiction; by creating healthier women, we create healthier children and healthier families.

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Presently, I own and operate recovery residences for women, and I am a full-time doctoral candidate in the field of Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). For the previous 16 years, I was a school-based SLP who worked as part of a team that addressed the special needs of children. I am a single mother of two beautiful children, a daughter, a co-parent, an employer, and a friend to many. I am also a woman in recovery from alcoholism and have been since June 13, 2009.

I understand the needs of women in recovery, from personal experience, research, to observations in the recovery residences: lack of education, limited employment experience, parenting issues, co-occurring mental health disorders, history of abuse, entanglement in unhealthy romantic relationships, legal issues, and financial instability or dependence. I also understand the detrimental effect a mother’s addiction has on her children.

Life House will provide case managers to conduct an initial evaluation of every woman who enters the recovery residence. The case manager and client will develop an individualized program that: 1.) outlines the results of the evaluation, 2.) establishes goals and objectives, 3.) list of resources that will help meet the goals, and 4.) a timeline to monitor progress. Life House will also provide peer support personnel to assist with progress on a daily basis. Life House hopes to address all aspects of the women; physical, spiritual, cognitive and emotional; we plan to open a wellness center that will provide access to difficult to find and augmentative methods for recovery.

Currently, Life House provides a “boutique” for women who are in need of clothing, shoes, and some toiletries. We work with professionals in the community who donate their time to bring yoga, acupuncture, or group coaching into the residences. Life House has created a subsidiary company called Recovery Glass. Recovery Glass is an auto glass replacement company that provides employment opportunity to women who move in without a job, until they can get a job that they truly desire. 100% of the profit goes to the women and the non-profit. Proceeds have not only helped women earn money but have funded fitness and nutrition programming. In the future, Recovery Glass will support the development of a resume writing classes, interview practice sessions, and will employ individuals with felonies (not including sex offenders, arsonists, or violent offenders).


Barbara Jacoboski
President, Life House Foundation of Arizona
Phone: 480-577-4546

How You Can Help

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